BKH Inspection Services, LLC is a nationwide third party construction materials testing and nondestructive testing laboratory that has been family owned and operated since 2002, with extensive experience bridging across numerous industries including: commercial, residential, industrial, railroad, transportation, fabrication, waste management, power, water, oilfield, offshore, aeronautics, robotics and automotive. We view every day as a new day, and as a new beginning. There is always new information to absorb every day, no matter what profession you are a part of or the amount of knowledge attained. If we as a company do not learn something daily, we feel we have accomplished nothing. Learning elements from our daily activities, whether large or small, assist us in giving you, our customers, partners, clients, business/ professional colleagues what you deserve: open two-way communication with specialized technical information and input that assists you with your current and future projects. We have the capacity to be wherever you need us in a timely manner, and the knowledge to perform our requested duties to the fullest extent possible, while helping you understand the requirements and aspects of what we are performing.


BKH Inspection Services, LLC sets guidelines meeting the current industrial standards. We provide efficient services that match or exceed our client’s quality requirements. Our staff has individual responsibilities for ensuring the quality management of BKH Inspection Services and customer requirements. Each employee receives vigorous hands-on training and competence testing on a regular basis for every duty they are assigned to perform, and retains current certifications for each task they perform.


"Quality Through Experience"​


For us at BKH Inspection Services, safety is a key factor in two different aspects:

The safety of the structures we inspect greatly depends on the manner and quality in which we perform our duties, which is why all of our employees adhere to our stringent code of ethics that goes beyond what is required by current standards. If structures have work performed that does not meet the requirements set forth by the applicable standards, the structural integrity is diminished, creating a potential safety hazard for the public sector, which is what we strive to prevent every day, by doing our inspections with integrity, diligence, precision and relentless quality in the forefront of our minds.

Our employees are our most vital asset at BKH Inspection Services, so we strive to provide a work environment that is safe and healthy for everyone, and it is of prime importance to us to maintain this environment. Each employee is meticulously trained in the requirements throughout the current national and international standards to ensure they can apply the working knowledge in their daily field duties.

Nondestructive Testing/Visual Inspections

As a technical leader in the United States, our inspectors perform Nondestructive Testing (Visual Inspections/Observations, Magnetic Particle, Ultrasound, Dye Penetrant) to demonstrate compliance with codes & specifications and client requirements at the time of fabrication, during construction and after work has been completed.

We understand that the reliability of Nondestructive Testing (NDT) depends on repeatability, acceptance standards, attention to detail and precision. In ensuring structural integrity, we understand that the question relevant to choosing the right NDT technique and procedure is “What is the largest defect missed?” This is why our team of technical consultants, inspectors and technicians work together to select the right NDT technique and develop procedures to ensure the NDT provides reliable results to engineering decision making.